CFP: Active Readership: Media, Public, Community (MLA 2021)


For this MLA Convention 2021 guaranteed panel for the MLA Committee on Scholarly Editions, the participants of this roundtable will consider active reading widely, within literary circles and within the media, public, and communities. The topic is inspired by recent discoveries of interactive engagement over time, from Milton’s annotations on a Shakespeare First Folio and T.S. Eliot’s recently-released posthumous comments (Statement) on Emily Hale’s letters to blog (Emily Hale Archive blog) and media commentary on both, as well as more creative relationships, e.g., between Instagram poets and those their followers/readers (see Berens). 

This committee is also hosting a second guaranteed panel on “Social Reading in Pedagogical Practice.”

Please submit abstracts for this panel only (~300 words) and 75-word biography by March 20. Email submission as an attachment to: Katherine D. Harris (katherine.harris [at]

Please include your technical requirements (data project, etc.) We strive to offer a diverse roundtable (approximately 5 presenters) representing all types of institutions and perspectives. 

Proposals will be selected and presenters notified before April 1. All presenters must be members of the MLA prior to April 1, 2020.



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