CFP: Recovery from the Margins: A Digital Poster Session

Well-funded digital archives have energized the field of scholarly editing, yet the recovery of texts by women and people of color has suffered setbacks since the 1990s; in effect, the revitalization of marginal figures has been hampered by a canon that privileges particular genres over “messy” texts, scholarly rationales and digital encoding predicated on a model of single-author agency and the existence of multiple versions of a single text, and granting agencies that favor large-scale initiatives. The Committee on Scholarly Editions solicits presentations for a digital poster session on digital recovery efforts of rare or marginalized texts, texts by women and people of color, texts that dislodge the single author model, and the exploration of the ways in which scholarly editions can avoid replicating colonization/marginalization.

300-word abstracts and bio(s) welcome by 15 March to Noelle Baker (

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