Doing Editing Differently @MLA2022

For this MLA Convention 2022 the MLA Committee on Scholarly Editions invites everyone to a roundtable discussion about doing editing differently.

Topic: Editions make canons by defining what is worth editing, by whom, and by what methods. We welcome presentations on projects that are disrupting or redirecting editorial content, practices, or media.

  1. Recovering Indigenous Contributions to the Philosophical Transactions Using SADFC (Semantic Analysis of Digital Forensic Cases) to Revisit Intention, J.P. Ascher (U of Virginia)
  2. Editing Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Literatures: Intervening in Canons in Print and Digital Anthologies, Sarah Ruffing Robbins (Texas Christian U) , Sofia Prado Huggins (Texas Christian U) and Linda Kay Hughes (Texas Christian U)
  3. Encoding Homoerotic Legibility in The Picture of Dorian Gray, Filipa Calado (Graduate Center, City U of New York)
  4. Turning ‘American’ into ‘Jazz’: An Edition of Wanda Coleman’s Collected Sonnets, Lizzy LeRud (Georgia Inst. of Tech.) and Jennifer Ryan-Bryant (Buffalo State C, State U of New York)

Presiding: Amy Earhart (Texas A&M U, College Station)

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