Innovative Interventions in Scholarly Editing

409. Innovative Interventions in Scholarly Editing (Friday, 10 January, 5:15–6:30 p.m., Colorado, Sheraton Chicago).  Program arranged by the MLA Committee on Scholarly Editions.

Presiding: Stephen G. Nichols, Johns Hopkins Univ., MD; Raymond G. Siemens, Univ. of Victoria

Speakers: Kathleen Fitzpatrick, MLA; Julia H. Flanders, Northeastern Univ.; Steven E. Jones, Loyola Univ., Chicago; Peter Robinson, Univ. of Saskatchewan; Timothy L. Stinson, North Carolina State Univ.

Responding: Susan Schreibman, Trinity Coll., Dublin

Session Description: Explores editorial innovation, considered in the context of the field’s principles and practices, including those associated with the CSE and the award of its seal for approved editions. Presenters will explore, among other topics, the relationship of editing to new Commons-oriented publication platforms, the uses of new media in scholarly editing, the role of social editing, and the relationship between the scholarly edition and the data that underlies it.

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