MLA 2021, session 16 Panel, images of participants
Image by Dr. Jojo Karlin @jojokarlin


MLA 2021 session 16

Moderator: Amy E. Earhart

Participants: Lee Skallerup Bessette, C. R. Grimmer, Amanda Licastro, Lindsey Seatter, and Holly Wiegand.

Recording available:

Our session was well attended, and we had a wonderful discussion. Feel free to rewatch through the MLA conference website link above.

The panelists provided several resources that we wanted to make publicly available.


C.R. Grimmer:

Walk-throughs of my projects: and


Amanda Licastro: 

Presentation Slides:


Lindsey Seatter:

A “Tool Parade” of social annotation platforms, some of which I mentioned in my brief chat:

My OA publication on social annotation and pedagogy that covers a bit more of my talk:

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